DroidMsg DroidMsg v2.1.8

This is a perfect app for you to make video calls and chat with new people!


Call Preferences Call Preferences v1.2

Share your Call Preferences with your friends and set-up your own preferences.

Integrate with your Facebook account to see when it is best to contact your friends and family.


Cheap Calls Cheap Calls v3.1.2

Cheap Calls allows very cheap calls from your smartphone to foreign mobile and fixed networks.

★ Best user-rated international calling app in the store: 4,2 stars!
★ APP OF THE DAY, TIPP DES TAGES, APP DES TAGES,...Cheap Calls is regularly featured by insiders, internationally!


KKtalk KKtalk v4.5.9

KKtalk Messenger is one of the most popular elastic social applications in the market.It helps you meeting new people who are nearby. It's free, simple & fun.


Secret Secret v1.0

L'App per inviare SMS ANONIMI,fare scherzi, flirtare, senza essere identificati.


Social Text Social Text v2.1

Quickly and easily share your content on Facebook, Twitter and your phone.


Twidere Twidere v0.2.0

Twitter client, ∞


Dünyanin Yedi Harikasi Dünyanin Yedi Harikasi v2.0

Bu uygulama dünyanın yedi harikaları ve 2007'de unesco tarafından seçilen dünyanın yeni yedi harikaları hakkında bilgi vermektedir..


Parking SMS Scheduler PRO Parking SMS Scheduler PRO v1.1

Parking SMS Scheduler is Android application for paying parking over SMS messages. You can schedule that parking SMS message be sent after few minutes or at any specific date and time. Also you can set how long you want to park your car and all SMS messages will be sent automatically when it's needed.

Currently the online list of cities contains most of the cities in the following countries:
- Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Slovakia


Birthday Wisher Birthday Wisher v1.1

Birthday Wisher provides you alarms and notification before the birthday of your friends and relatives, so that you do not lose on this front.


AIS Hot Call AIS Hot Call v1.2.7

AIS Self Service - Thailand Mobile Operator
Create call shortcut on Home screen


SMS Schedule SMS Schedule v1.2

Auto Schedule SMS is an application which will organise your SMS messages and it will schedule them in certain hour. You can schedule your messages and make them on auto send. The app can be used for birthday messages, for business meetings, holidays, name-days and so on. It is super easy to use, and you will NEVER FORGET to congratulate on someone's birthday or nameday.


Ultimate Surf Ultimate Surf v2.6.6

Ultimate Surf is a Web Browser based on Maxthon™ Engine. It is aimed for Lighting Fast web browsing and Intuitive User Interface experience with light Memory/CPU use and with support of Fullscreen Browsing.


TrueFinder TrueFinder v1.5

Free Reverse Phone Number Lookup and CallerID.

See who's calling you instantly!

With TrueFinder user can make reverse number lookups globally by entering the phone number and pressing Search.

Simply input the number you are searching for to begin.

TrueFinder provides unlimited searches absolutely FREE! **


AuDtxt AuDtxt v1.0

AuDtxt v1.0 helps you to listen to your text files when our app speaks it for you.


AuDsms AuDsms v1.0

AuDsms v1.0 helps the User to listen their incoming sms.


Onliner Onliner v2.0

Online Friend Notifier For Facebook !
Get notified when specific friends on your friend list come online!
You can mark friends on your friend list and immediately get a notification on your android phone when any of those friends come online!


WAY? WAY? v1.8.1

WAY (Where Are You) – is a simple and convenient application to exchange information about your location in various situations.

It is the best way to ask "Where are you?" You want to know about someone’s location or want to tell someone where to go. WAY will help you!


The Emoticon App The Emoticon App v6.0.3

Have you ever wondered how to express your emotions in text? This simple app will show you how to make tons of emoticons! Create everything from an Abraham Lincoln emoticon =|:O} to a Homer Simpson (_8(|) emoticon to a butterfly }|{ emoticon or even a Death Star ( °) emoticon!


Buddies Plus Buddies Plus v1.0

Buddies Plus provides fun, new way to access to your Google+ account on your Android SmartPhone. This app is really two apps in one, as it provides one tap access to the Google+ mobile site and Facebook desktop site. You can change the default web site via the menu options.