WhereHouse WhereHouse v1.0

WhereHouse is an inventory manager. With its versatility and ease of use yet powerful interface, it can be used to keep track of just about anything. WhereHouse lets the user create detailed itemized lists of their possessions. From household items that you might want to keep inventory of (like in a warehouse) to detailed information about your rare and valuable collections (for insurance purposes), WhereHouse allows you to create and edit an unlimited number of storage locations & items.


autoMinder autoMinder v1.1.0

Now you can manage your fleet of vehicles on the go, more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

autoMinder is an app designed to record, manage and consult all information concerning your vehicles, helping you to avoid errors and save money.


EasyNoteHD EasyNoteHD v1.0.0

-Ergonomic note application
-Easy to compose Note , Edit Delete,Save
-Email Notes As needed single Click


Easy Filer Pro Easy Filer Pro v1.0

Easy Filer is a File Manager(file explorer) that has a simple and intuitive UI, making managing your pictures, music, videos and files much easier.


VReg 2S VReg 2S v1.09

Register you valuables with with lots info and pictures


Virtual Film Maker (Pro) Virtual Film Maker (Pro) v1.1.25

Virtual Film Maker provides the easiest way to combine the best fragments of video,
photo and text files into a continuous presentation.
If you want some of the following:
- to show some best fragments to your mom
- to show some fragments of your vacations footage
- to make a presentation for your colleagues
- to create a montage sketch for your next real movie chef-d'oeuvre
- to make a video for a high school project without hard editing
then you are in the right place.


Myography Myography v3

Write your autobiography with this amazing app!


CashLogger Fire CashLogger Fire v1.0.0

This application lets you track daily expenses with easy.


Snotes - Paid Snotes - Paid v1.3

If somebody else picks up your phone and sees this app it will just
look like a regular note-keeping app. But they are actually seeing
a bunch of bogus notes. Draw any squiggle to make the unlock screen show.
When you enter the correct unlock pattern the bogus notes
are hidden and your real notes are displayed.


QuickJotNotesJournal QuickJotNotesJournal v1.0.0


Looking for a quick and easy jot notes app?

This single app is a great addition to your device and will allow you to take quick notes.

Need to jot down a name? NO PROBLEM!
How about a few items from a grocery list? EASY!
Want to email your notes to yourself or a friend? PIECE OF CAKE!
Need to write out a few pointers but can't find a pen and paper? QUICK JOT NOTES JOURNAL TO THE RESCUE!


Quick Launch Quick Launch v2.2.1

Although android has a wide range of abilities, some essential features are missing, among them is QUICK ACCESS (LAUNCH).


My Desktop Control My Desktop Control v1.1-plus

Control your Desktop remotely in any android device.


Battery Booster Full Battery Booster Full v6.9

Battery Booster is a powerful battery boosting tool and power management application specially designed for Android devices.


Handy Audio Manager Pro Handy Audio Manager Pro v1.1

Handy Audio Manager is an application which allows you to view and customize all volume streams and ringtones. Creating audio profiles and saving them which can be applied easily when needed. Cool profile widgets for easy access and profile changes. SPEAK IT! a new of a kind feature which allows you to apply profiles using voice commands.


Quick Quick v1.0

Quick allows you to quickly access your favorite apps, contacts, and bookmarks with just one press of a folder. It’s easy, just place a folder icon on your home screen and inside each folder you can store quick links to whatever you want. You may designate one link or several links to each folder. The perfect organizer for your smart phone or tablet.


Daily Task Tracker Daily Task Tracker v1.12

This app allows the user to keep track of daily tasks that are important to them. Add each task and then throughout the day or at the end of the day check off the ones that were completed. The app provides an easy visual method for checking to see how the user is doing with their daily tasks. A percent of the time completed for each task is also shown automatically and the task status can be set to EXEMPT if it did not have to be done on a particular day.


Raise The Bar Raise The Bar v2.4.7

Raise the Bar is an easy-to-use activity Goal Tracking and ToDo List app. Have fun while reaching your goals!


Smart Stay Ex Smart Stay Ex v1.0.2

SmartStay Ex is an easy to use and free app that implements one of the coolest features in Samsung Galaxy S3, the Smart Stay. The feature uses the front facing camera to detect whether the user is looking at the phone and if the user is, then Smart Stay makes sure the phone screen stays on so the user can continue to read or do whatever they were doing.


Text To Speech Text To Speech v2.2

Text To Speech 2.2

* Text To Speech
* Uses Android TTS Engine
* Multiple Language TTS Support (6 Languages)
* Adjust Speed And Pitch Of Voice
* Speak Text From File
* Practically Unlimited Voices
* Save Speech To SD Card As WAV File(Ringtone)
* Good For Fun Or Disabled People


EzNotepad Pro EzNotepad Pro v0.9.6

It fast, easy, and no fuss.
The note file is saved at External storage / SD-Card.
You can read the note file with other editor.
You can send your notes via email directly from app.
You can replace last searched/selected text.

With some style applicable :
- Bold
- Italic
- Monospace
- Underline