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CV or a Resume is the most important document which is needed by you even to apply for a job or an internship. It is this document which represents you; when you are not in front of the interview panel. It will remind them - that you are better than others and will help you to get the job!
It is critical that you need to develop a good and professional Resume. This App will help you to do this. It will guide you from one section to another as how to develop a Job Winning Resume.
This app has 5 sections:
1. Introduction: In this section you will learn about the layout,formatting and outlines of the resume.
2. Contact Details and Personal Profile & Objectives: This section covers as how you present your personal information in the resume.How to make the objectives for a resume which will make an impact on the interviewer.
3. Education & Training: A very important part of the Resume. Under this we cover how to present the data and what information should be included as part of the resume.
4. Work Experience and Work Related Skills: A differentiator between you and others. Even when you do not have any professional work experience or very limited experience then how do you enhance your profile? What should be emphasized in this section which will make you a winner!
5. Achievements/Skills/Memberships/Hobbies: These aspects may not have direct relevance with the job applied for but they can have a major impact on the interview and selection. These aspects can be used as a positive turning points during the interview.
The App has more than 50 points which need to be considered while writing a CV or a Resume.


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Winning Resume
Winning Resume
Winning Resume


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