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This is a demo version of the WalletPro - there is a limit of the number of items can be added.

Changelog for version 1.9:
- Switched to Android 2.x platform (for better stability)
- Added App2SD support
- Encryption / Decryption optimization
- Minor UI changes

Changes v1.6:
- Added "note" for all of the items
- Fixed the nasty bug related to the datetime on same devices
- Better look & feel for bigger screens
- Speed optimization

Changes to version 1.4:
1) Added password hint for the wallets
2) Added password generator
3) Added PhoneNumber field type - direct phone number dial-up
4) Added URL field type - direct browser opening
5) Settings - DateFormat
6) Settings - hide empty fields
7) Added Groups (items filtering)
8) Added Search - full text search for all items

Changes to version 1.3:
- Backup / Restore all data to the SD Card
- Demo data migration to the paid app (backup from the demo / restore from the paid application)
- Screen rotation doesn't delete entered fields
- Menu items for Edit/Delete item (in the View mode)
- Memory and code improvements

Changes to version 1.2:
- Better screen usage on Motorola Droid
- Added "sort items" per name, date and category (ascending and descending) - each wallet remember its sorting format
- Custom templates support - with the embedded template editor you can easily add best content format for your data
- Minor bug fixing
- Speed improvements


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WalletPro Demo
WalletPro Demo
WalletPro Demo


Minimum Android version: 
Android 2.1
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Requires permissions: 
Read external storage, Write external storage

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