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Versatile Savings is an application that will help you when negotiating the return on your savings with banks or any other financial institution. It´ll help you calculate quickly, easily and in an intuitive way a suit of financial measures linked to your investment.

From the four basic concepts of any investment (amount, time, interest rate and taxation), it´ll help you understand which is your best option, and allowing you to run different scenarios by modifying any of the 4 parameters, presenting you with new alternatives.

The application includes a feature that will easily allow you to switch between APR (Annual Percentage Rate) and EAR (Effective APR Rate).

You also have a dynamic information icon, which enables context-sensitive help, which will provide assist at any time, and that will solve any doubts you may have while using the tool.

In addition, Versatile Savings Pro, will provide you additional granularity and a powerful graphic display of the results. It´ll also include in the result parameters as taxes, inflation, etc. The application will also provide guidance to assist you with making the best decisions to ensure you get the best return out of your money.

To give more flexibility to the application it’s available in the following languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Norwegian and Catalan.


Parental rating: 
Everyone (age 6 and over)
Default language: 
Supported languages: 
Catalan, Norwegian, French, Spanish, Italian
With advertisements: 
Versatile Savings
Versatile Savings
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Minimum Android version: 
Android 2.1
Minimum screen width: 
240 dpx
Requires features: 
Touchscreen, Screen portrait
Requires permissions: 
Access network state, Internet

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