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• Get rid of DCIM folder for pictures, videos and much more ...
• Redirect files to any folder for any application you want.
• Easy to use !
• Fast and Lightweight !
• No special permissions !

Most of Android users, like me, do not like the folder where Pictures and Videos are written by default because they are mixed, so we developed a tool that enable you to redirect each type of file for its correct place, in an automatic way.

For example, you can redirect all 'Image Files' from '/sdcard/DCIM/Camera/' to '/sdcard/MyPictures', and all 'Video Files' to '/sdcard/MyVideos'. Once these redirections were created, you do not need to worry anymore because all Pictures and Videos taken will go to its right place alone and automatically.

In case your Camera application has Preview Picture, you can program a delayed redirection. This way you can preview your picture and it will be redirected automatically later.

As another example, just before your holiday trip, you can alter your redirection to a specific folder for your event in order to have organized your pictures and videos of this event. Once back from holiday trip you only need to change back your redirection to its original location. For this, you can create as many redirections you want, one for each album, and activate the desired redirection just before starting taking pictures for that subject.

Out of this, all other programs that have their own folders to save pictures, videos or music can also be redirected to where you want.

In addition, with the ‘URSafe Media Redirector Pro’ version you can make as many redirections as you want, consolidating your photos, videos and music where and in how many places you prefer.

It is up to you, to get your memories organized in an easy way.

As a proof of concept, we suggest you to install first the 'URSafe Media Redirector' lite version, which enable you to activate only one redirection and after that, you can buy the unlimited active redirections with the 'URSafe Media Redirector Pro' version.

For fast, friendly support simply email us: support@venator.com.br


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Everyone (age 6 and over)
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URSafe Media Redirector
URSafe Media Redirector
URSafe Media Redirector
URSafe Media Redirector
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Target Android version: 
Android 4.1
Minimum Android version: 
Android 2.2
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Requires permissions: 
Access network state, Internet, Read external storage, Receive boot completed, Write external storage

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