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UnitBullet Converter (UbC) is a handy, simple and user-friendly talking unit converter for converting various measurements quickly and with high precision. It currently supports 18 measurement categories which are: Linear and angular acceleration, angle, area, distance/Length, energy, force, luminance, magnetism, mass/weight, number base, power, pressure, speed/velocity, temperature, time and volume.
SI prefixes and their multipliers are made available in UnitBullet (e.g. nano is 10^-9...) for your reference.
* ٍSupport over 5010 conversions across the provided categories.
* Support up to 30 favorites with smart sorting and with delete options.
* Beautifully designed interface with simple animations and sound effects.
* Built-in keypad and calculator specialized to support conversion and make some arithmetic operations.
* Ability to easily search for the wanted units within a measurement category.
* ِOption to look up the current conversion using the Google Search engine.
* Instant result while you type your measurement value.
* Lists the 20 SI prefixes and their multipliers in a nicely tabulated format.
* Comprehensive help and support center.
* Ability to share conversions using Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp, SMS, Line, Email,...
* Touch the result box and listen to its narration.
* Auto narration of the result when it changes.
* Ability to swap your selected "from" and "to" measurement units.
* It gives a result with 12 decimal places.
* Measurement categories and the units lists are alphabetically listed to easily find them.
* Capability of saving the each unit chosen under every category.
Try this free version of UnitBullet. If you feel it is awesome, you may support us by buying it via: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.robotaaly.unitbulletco...
Note: Please be aware that some phones do not have the text-to-speech engine and, hence, the narrator will not work on such phones.
We are anxious for your feedback to improve UnitBullet and make it even better. Your reviews and suggestions are so much appreciated. Don't forget to rate the app if you liked it.

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Everyone (age 6 and over)
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UnitBullet Converter
UnitBullet Converter
UnitBullet Converter
UnitBullet Converter
UnitBullet Converter
UnitBullet Converter
UnitBullet Converter
UnitBullet Converter
UnitBullet Converter


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Android 4.4
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Android 2.1
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Access network state, Internet, Read external storage

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Reviews of UnitBullet Converter

Great app, would highly recommend it! Please add the number base conversion and it would be better to let the narrator speake the numbers before the decimal point as we speak numbers not pronouncing the digits individually. BTW, it's super.

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