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Welcome to Funny adventure about trees and animals.
Season of tree is an emotion art app for both grown-ups and kids.
Exploring through the deep forest will bring courage to you and your kids.
Draw and learn the passing of time and seasons through you and your children’s fingertip
Climb up to the sky to observe the world and decorate your own forest.
Your children will become braver and warmer person before you recognize it.

* Contents in Season of tree
- Ladder to Sky
You can enjoy your vacation with the sloth who takes a trip.
There is always rest after tough time like a trip dose.

- Circle of Life
Draw the passing of time and seasons.
You can learn about tree and animals life changes as the seasons move on.
You can grow kid's emotion.

- Road to Courage
Explore through the deep forest and raise courage.
It could be scary sometimes but you can overcome it by having a great time with cute and adorable animal friends.

* Features
- Educational App for not cramming education but developing children's creativity and sensitivity.
- Education Method which makes your children to grow as kids with curiosity and thinking for theirselves.
- Development of children's math ability and creativity by playing exciting math games.
- Educational App which grows children's synesthesia by using images and sounds effectively.
- Educational Contents to enjoy by kids, schoolchild, and all ages.
- Emotional Artwork and Adorable Animation focused on kids' viewpoint.
- Calming background music
- Realistic & Physics interactions game
- Funny story about animals and Plants
- No in-app purchase / No in-app advertising
- Refreshes your mind just by looking at it

Yellephant is a kid's edutainment studio. We have published easy and interactive play and learning contents for young kids and app-enabled toys. We hope that our ideas and contents give some inspiration and amazing experience to young users, and guide basic manner and good relationship as well. Children and parents in worldwirde can find something interesting, surprising and emotional value from our products.


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Early Childhood (age 3-6)
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Yellephant Co.,Ltd.

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Android 4.0
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18, Access network state, Internet, Read external storage, Write external storage

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Good app bit confusing but good. Got stuck at one point but I worked it out . Interesting.

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