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God Shiva: is a major Hindu god, and one aspect of Trimurti. In the Shaiva tradition of Hinduism, Shiva is seen as the supreme God. In the Smartha tradition, he is one of the five primary forms of God.

Followers of Hinduism who focus their worship upon Shiva are called Shaivites or Shaivas (Sanskrit Śaiva). Shaivism, along with Vaiṣṇava traditions that focus on Vishnu, and Śākta traditions that focus on the goddess Devī are three of the most influential denominations in Hinduism.

This Applicaiton "Shri Shiv Chalisa", the forty verse prayer to Lord Shiva in Hindi, English text with meanings and Audio.

Shiva Chalisa is a prayer for Lord Shiva - it praises the Lord and asks for his help in removing hardships and obstacles in devotee's life.

It is said that devotees seeking blessings of Lord Shiva must recite Shiva Chalisa with devotion and sincerity.

Shri Shiv Chalisa, the forty verse prayer to Lord Shiva in Hindi and English text.

We devote this Shri Shiv Chalisa to you all.

This Android book has following features:
- Full Audio Track with Play, Pause, Start and Stop buttons
- Each stanzas have been picture illustrated
- Each page changes with Audio Synchronization and with various "Effects" as per selection
- Contains various animation effects


Parental rating: 
Not rated
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Minimum Android version: 
Android 1.0
Requires features: 
Screen portrait, Touchscreen
Requires permissions: 
Internet, Read external storage, Read phone state, Write external storage

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