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Slide the blocks around and form groups of three or bigger to score. Sounds easy? It is, but if you want a really high score you'll have to plan ahead and score in more than one moves in a row to gain a bonus. The longer the combo chain, the bigger the bonus gets. But look out, if you make a move without scoring you'll break the chain and the bonus will be reset.

The game itself is inspired by a free game for windows mobile by the same title. The graphics and coding are done from scratch. It's my first android game, so it might have some rough edges, but don't worry - it's more than playable.

Shift was developed for a HTC G1 and looks best on HVGA resolution (320x480), but it was also tested on a Motorola Milestone with 800x480 screen and with other screen sizes on emulator so it should scale to various resolutions well enough.

Shift is powered by andengine, an opensource hardware accelerated, easy to use 2D game engine:

Version 1.0
*In case of performance issues try disabling texture filtering. It will the graphics look a bit pixelated, especially on screens other than HVGA, but it will boost the overall performance. Disabling fancy animations might also help.
*To return to the game from menu, press "menu" key on the phone.
*When you have no more moves left tapping "game over" text will take you back to the menu. Tapping the "new high score" text after ending a game will take you to hi score list with the last result highlighted.

Version 1.01
*Fixed a few typos in help and options.

Known issues:
*When the screen is forced to landscape mode by sliding out the hardware keyboard, the game will restart.
*When making a few moves in rapid succession, sometimes the next sliding animation is played before the first one finishes. It looks confusing, but blocks do end up in proper positions.
*When the game loses focus (for example by pressing "home" button) and is brought back to focus without being killed by android, the titlebar is not being hidden.


Parental rating: 
Not rated
Default language: 


Minimum Android version: 
Android 1.6
Minimum screen width: 
240 dpx
Requires features: 
Requires permissions: 
Vibrate, Wake lock

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