S-Dialer S-Dialer v1.2.4

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1.Change the background of number showing bar.
2.Improve speed of dialing.
1.Fix a query bug which may happen in screen switching.
2.Tune performance to enhance user experience.
Key features of S-Dialer:

1-Click Quick Launch
You can always quickly launch S-Dialer:
• 1-click on any numeric button launches S-Dialer
• 1-click on dial button on keyboard launches S-Dialer

Smart Search Engine for Contacts
S-Dialer search engine enables various search methods on contacts:
• Search by any part of contact’s phone number
E.g. you only remember Tom’s phone number contains "5566", then just press "5566".
• Search by Contact’s name
T-9 alike mechanism makes you can search contact by name quickly. E.g. To search "Tom", just press button "tuv", "mno", and "mno"

Speed Dial
You can setup 9 contacts as your favorite in S-Dialer and speed dial the favorite
1) by tap and hold 1-9 button on screen; or
2) by click 1-9 button and then click call button

Easy Switch between Dial and SMS
Tap and hold on Dial button makes easy switch communication channel to SMS, and vice versa.

• Call log integrated in S-Dialer;
• Quick entry for manage contacts;

Android OS, SDK 1/1.1

Any question please visit http://www.5billion.com.cn/w/?p=17&lang=en


Parental rating: 
Not rated
Default language: 


Minimum Android version: 
Android 1.1
Minimum screen width: 
320 dpx
Requires features: 
Telephony, Touchscreen
Requires permissions: 
Call phone, Read contacts, Read phone state, Read phone state, Write external storage

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Problem with t9

If i search "Jörg" then i press 5 6 7 and 4.
unfortunately no entry comes, but Jörg is in the Phonebook.
when i serach Benny (benny have one Number) i see in the list Benny two times with the same number.
Why? The SimCard is empty.

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