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Com-Sur Reporter 'On-The-Go' Creates Standardized Intelligent Incident Reports

Incidents do not differ by geographies. An incident (whether criminal or not) that occurs in the U.S.A. is no different than an incident that occurs in any other part of the world. Why then, should an Incident Report be different, especially when standardization of Incident Reports leads to:

(1) Every stakeholder ‘speaks the same language’. Think of various stakeholders sharing one ‘INDUSTRY STANDARD’ of an Incident Report, as opposed to different kinds of Incident Reports. Think of the ease of taking action when every Incident Report arrives in ONE STANDARD FORMAT.

(2) Meta-Data that is gathered (while creating the report) delivers ‘INTELLIGENCE’ through ‘PATTERNS’. “What TYPE of incidents are taking place at what LOCATIONS, at what TIME, on which particular DAYS” and so on. This makes it possible to take CORRECTIVE and PREVENTIVE action, and IMPROVING business processes. With standardization, think of the amount of META-DATA that can be gathered and used by an organization, industry, or a country as a whole.

(3) Crime is solved faster. Using Com-Sur, the affected party can create a storyboard describing the entire incident and add relevant Images along with their description. Think of the burden that would be reduced for Law Enforcement agencies if the affected party is proactive, and submits such an Incident Report to them. Most importantly, since Com-Sur’s Standardized Incident Reports are created in PDF, sharing them becomes very easy and swift. Think of an incident that takes place in one suburb quickly being shared via email with other suburbs, cities, and even countries; all at the click of a button. And with PDF, it’s easy to view the report on a smart phone or tablet.

The use of Com-Sur Reporter 'On The Go' can be encouraged by Law Enforcement Agencies for public participation. It can also be encouraged by businesses for employees to report any incident.

The more the number of 'eyes', the greater the vigilance!


1.A special Com-Sur program would be required to decipher 'patterns' from past incidents.
2. Com-Sur is a very powerful tool to Enhance Surveillance, and create Standardized Intelligent Incident Reports. Several versions of Com-Sur are available. Please visit to learn more about this unique tool.


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Teen (age 13 and over)
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Android 4.4
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Android 2.3.3
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Internet, Read external storage, Write external storage

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