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- Full Shree Ram Raksha Stotra: Sanskrit & English Versions
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- Having options of various animation effects
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Shree Ram Raksha Stotra is a classical Sanskrit composition (essentially hymns or prayers) which are very dear to hearts of the Lord’s devotees.

Stotras are useful for cutting away at karma. They are not bound by the rules that Shruti such as the Vedas are bound by, so therefore, they are accessible by the everyday householder. But that is not to say that they are not as potent as the Vedic mantras. Any stotra chanted with (a) concentration (b) devotion will have a net effect of eliminating karmas and purifying the life of the reciter, so as to render him/her with favorable circumstances. It is a mistake to compare Stotras with Vaidik mantras, since each are unique and special unto themselves.

Stotras contain the names and glories of God. According to Hinduism, the names of God are the most valuable tools for the liberation and annihilation of the mind. The mind is the only thing standing between the practitioner and God. So stotras, when repeated daily, will have a most subtle effect, just as a sponge gradually soaks up water.

Ram Raksha Stotra allows you to uplift your being and remove the darkness of Maya(materialism). It empowers you with the holiness of Ram Naamand shows you the path to virtous life. Chant 'Ram Rakshan Stotra' 11 times a day with concentration and get enveloped in a joyful wave of peace, wealth and harmony. Let all your your obstacles vanish and your sins evaporate as you chant the blessed name of Shri Ram.

The author of this hymn is Buddhakaushika. The deity is Sri Sita-Ramahandra. The metre is anushtup. The power is Sita, Central point is Hanuman, and the usage is recitation.

We devote this Shree Ram Raksha Stotra to you all.


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