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A Well planned and prepared plan which is executed is likely to succeed more than ill prepared and unplanned work.

Practice Makes a Man Perfect or a Women Perfect! This is true in all areas. If you want to get a job then you need to prepare for it!

Interview is an important part of selection process. You will generally get 5 to 45 minutes to impress the interview panel and get the job. These few minutes could change your life! Please prepare well ahead of time for this.

During this time you have to prove that you are the right person for the job and you are better than others! How do you do that?

For that you need to understand the selection process and prepare for the same. This app only deals with the preparation aspect of the interviews and cover the following sections:

1. What does the employer wants? – You need to know this. Only after this you can decide about your plan of action. We guide you to resolve and find more about this area.
2. Researching the company & the Job – You need to understand the organization and the job you are applying for. How do you go about doing this?
3. Preparing for the Interview – Self Presentation: How to impress the interviewers before you talk! Creating positive image in the minds of Interviewers before getting interviewed.
4. Points to remember: A few points which should not be missed. Can make or break the interview.
5. Preparing for Common Interview Questions: Under this section more than 15 critical and most common questions are covered. Also ideas are given as how to address these questions so that you do not fall in a trap.

The App has more than 60 points which need to be considered while preparing for an Interview!

The lite version gives you a glimpse of the content. Buy the Full version for complete knowledge.


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Preparing Interview Lite
Preparing Interview Lite
Preparing Interview Lite


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