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Fight the spaceship shield your opponent by pushing the comet and using the power of cubic alloy armor through four different modes against AI or against another player on the same device.

You're probably wondering, but what are the specifics of these cubes that make them so special except that hinder the path of the ball?

First, know that each cube destroyed generates others to enjoy their victory against one that is facing you.

The White Cube Alloy is a very sophisticated compound that gives him the ability to resist all ... but facing a comet this resistance is nothing to degrade in two shots, the 3rd shot is fatal to it.

The Cube Alloy Grey is very special because it distorts everything, even the cubes around him so that you end up with blocks having all the same color.

The Cube Alloy Black is charred and therefore the color of it is not visible, it may have the specificity of any other cube.

The Cube Alloy Red is a particle accelerator, but when he meets a comet, she finds herself accelerated.

Cube Alloy Blue is itself a particle decelerator which therefore slows down the speed of the comet.

The Green Cube Alloy expand your coverage by sending chemical signals through your shield particles remained on the comet.

The Cube Alloy Magenta meanwhile shrink your protection to lessen your chances of winning.

The Cube Yellow Alloy's ability to distort space and hit it and you will find the comet projected in any direction and even turn back to you if possible.

The Cube Alloy Cyan should be that all vessels like touching: it all makes translucent cubes to pass through the comet material.

Do not forget that most cubes, we offer four different game modes:

Classic mode - between 20 and 30 cubic appear in the game, the raises are automatically more dynamic and so as not to lose the son of the battle!

The ultimate fashion: you encounter this time if an empty map ... but finished by filling the cube as you and your opponent tap the comet, you will reach the return before it is stuck on your side?

The Heat Mode: a greater challenge awaits you here, this is as the name suggests elimination, the first of two that you lose the ball loses the match and every time you win, the enemy back into power through the 10 levels, but beware: each cube was not touched during the 10 seconds of his life ended by destroying itself and the number of cube increases with the number of levels.

Evolution fashion: all levels this is the most difficult because it mixes the specialties modes and Ultimate Evolution to accentuate them to give the final this: the number of cube generated when the battle is completely random and increases with the difficulty level you are, the cubes are all self-destruct at the same time to completely change the field in a variable period of time, but also every time you hit the comet and your opponent, you add as many cubes that you passed level. Beat your opponent and never received defeated through the 10 levels will be your ultimate challenge.

REGARDING MULTIPLAYER: To keep the party going in the levels of difficulty and the Heat Evolution offers to fight for points mode, the number of points won at equivalent you are. So to win against the opposing ship you will get 28 points or so to be in the lead until the last level.

You are now ready to enter the battle!


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Everyone (age 6 and over)
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Pong Breaker
Pong Breaker
Pong Breaker
Pong Breaker
Pong Breaker
Pong Breaker
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Android 4.4W
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Android 2.3.3
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Screen landscape, Touchscreen

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