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Calculate the length of a belt or chain as it wraps around a series of pulleys or gears. Useful for mechanical engineers, designers or drafters.

Enter the diameter, x and y coordinates and a rotational direction of each pulley. After adding each pulley in your system, you can make corrections by clicking it in the list. You can delete or change the order by checking the box for the pulleys you wish to modify and using the menu to change he order or delete the selected pulleys. The checkbox at the top of the list allows you to mass check/uncheck if you have a long list of pulleys. You can also get a blueprint view of the pulley system to verify it appears correct.

The calculated length is displayed at the top of the list.

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The software is supplied "As Is". All errors are the responsibility of the user. It's free so don't complain. Donations and suggestions for improvement are welcomed.

Pitch Length
Pitch Length


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Android 1.6
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240 dpx
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