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Several Cheat Sheets in your mobile to have the exact syntax wherever you go.

Use the possibilities the mobile phone brings so you have all the most useful PHP syntax on the go. Do you have an exam or do you want to improve your programming skills? study on the transportation instead of wasting your time.

PHP Cheat Sheet 1
Array Functions. String Functions. Filesystem Functions. fopen() modes. Regular expression Functions. Regular Expressions Syntax. PCRE Modifiers. Date and Time Functions. Date Formatting.
PHP Cheat Sheet 2
Mysql functions. PostgreSQL Functions. SQLitet3 Functions. String Functions. Variable Handling Func. Filesystem Functions. Function Handling. Array Functions. Classes and objects. Output Control. Regex perl compatible
PHP4 Reference Card 1
Escaping HTML. Basic syntax. Data Types. Predefined PHP Variables. Control Structures. Flow of Control. Functions. Classes and objects. Operators. Predefined Apache variables
PHP4 Reference Card 2
String Functions . Filesystem Functions . Mathematical Functions . Unified ODBC Functions . Session Handling Functions . Miscellaneous Functions . Reference
PHP Card
Data Type. Strings. Regular Expresions. POSIX Extended RegExp. Perl Compatible RegExp. Operators, Constants. Functions, Math Functions. Character Type and many more
PHP Application Security Checklist
Basic. Input. File Uploads. Database. Serving Files. Authentication. Sessions. 3rd-Parties. Miscellaneous. Shared Hosting

More and many more coming soon ...

If you find something of interest please send me an email and i will include it too.


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PHP Programming Reference Free
PHP Programming Reference Free
PHP Programming Reference Free


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