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Every parent wants their kids to be possessed with sharp minds and better skills in learning. Your toddlers might get bore of listening those old stories from ancient time. Same prince and princess stories make them bore and decrease their interest in it. We need to see the interest and liking of our kids.
Kids are usually more into animals and stuff like that. They love animals and enjoy things connected to them. Animals like Horses, Cats, Tigers, Zebras, Monkeys and many more. Monkeys are known to be one the most favorite among kids. It carries a similar nature that of kid. Naughty jumping around place to place and doing funny actions that amuses others.
Monkey is known to have a title of super hero of the jungle. It does that funny stuff of climbing the tress and jumps from one to another. They eat bananas by stealing all the way through. You kids get interest by watching monkeys eat bananas which gives nutrition to their body.
Peter is one of those naughty monkeys that runs around the jungle and jump from tree to tree. Have fun and eat bananas. Kids get interest and they don’t want to stop listening to the story. It is very good for those parents who tell stories to their children. This keeps their memories fresh and they increase their learning and memory gaining ability. No one is born intelligent or educated. It’s the learning that polishes the inner abilities. Peter Learns a Lesson is 4 in 1 pack game which offers your preschool and toddlers a story mode for those who love tales. A coloring book for your young ones to fill colors in colorless. Memory Match game to enhance memorizing skills. And an encyclopedia that carries facts about monkeys.
We include a story of a Monkey named Peter. It is based on facts and high-definition images that increase the interest of kids. It is best source of increasing your listening and reading skills. By remembering those facts your kids increase their memory skills.
A coloring book for young kids to give colors to monkeys of their choice. Kids use their fingers to color the sketches and drawings. This thing helps to increase the creativity of your child. Your kids can even draw pictures of their own thinking. Different colors can be chosen to give more colorful look.


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Early Childhood (age 3-6)
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Peter Learns a Lesson
Peter Learns a Lesson
Peter Learns a Lesson
Peter Learns a Lesson
Peter Learns a Lesson


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