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Numbers Attack is a brain training application which competes for a time until it touches in order the block on which the number was drawn and finishes touching all the blocks.
In Numbers Attack, the number of blocks of 5x5, 6x6 can be chosen, Furthermore, all the 7 sorts variegated options, such as an option on which the color of the number for every block, an angle, a size, and a font are displayed at random, are prepared, and not only a peripheral vision but the capability to recognize the block of the target number momentarily is trained.

Please challenge yourself's limit by setup with higher difficulty!!

Furthermore, record can be registered into on-line ranking.

[Game setup]
1. Game Mode
- Time attack mode

- Time restriction mode

2. Number of Blocks

3. Option
seven of the followings [ option / which raises the difficulty of a game ] -- it is .
Any number of options can be combined freely and can be chosen.

- Random color
In a table, the color of the number in each block shows at random from 16 colors.

- Random angle
Direction of the number in each block displays at random from 0 times, 90 degrees, 180 degrees, and 270 degrees.

- Random size
The size of the number in a block is displayed at random from three steps.

- Random font
The number in a block is displayed at random from the font of three sorts and four types.

The following options have five number-of-times restrictions of use for every option with the free version.
Whenever it clears once by each option use, the number of times of use counts.

- Shuffle
Whenever it touches the right block, all the blocks rearrange.

- Reverse
The order of reverse, i.e., the option touched in an order from largest number of blocks.

- Stealth
It is an option which is not understood whether a block has finish touching.

If this option is attached, even if it finishes touching, the display of a block will not change on a display.


Parental rating: 
Everyone (age 6 and over)
Default language: 
Supported languages: 
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Numbers Attack!
Numbers Attack!
Numbers Attack!
Numbers Attack!


Requires Google Play and/or account: 
Requires third-party libraries: 
Requires 'rooted' device: 
Minimum Android version: 
Android 2.1
Minimum screen width: 
240 dpx
Requires features: 
Requires permissions: 
Access network state, Internet, Vibrate

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