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You might have played this game in your school days. It is a two player game. One has the paper that has numbers from 1 to 12 written in three or four columns format ( 3x4 or 4x3) in sequence and when the second one call out numbers randomly the first one has to draw the line and circle the numbers without taking the pencil from the paper and without touching the already drawn line or the wrong number. Pretty simple time pass during a boring class :)

Milestones is a slightly modified version of this game, recreated as the first application using Aaakili Gaming Platform . Hope you enjoy this game.

Draw a line by dragging the pencil to connect all the marked milestones one by one in ascending order. When you reach the last milestone you win.

While drawing if you,

-> Cut the line, you will loose a chance; there are limited chances in each level. When you exceed the chances you will loose the game.

-> Reach a wrong milestone , you will loose the game.

-> Let the timer expire (only in Challanger mode), you will loose the game.


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Everyone (age 6 and over)
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Copyright 2011 Aaakili Games

Milestones Free


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Android 2.2
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240 dpx
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