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Microstock Report - an app for artist telling them their microstock earnings
Microstock Earnings Report is a reporting app for artists who sell their work on microstock sites. Currently 29 of the the best agencies including Shutterstock, iStockphoto, Dreamstime, Fotolia, BigStock, Alamy, CanStock, Veer, Crestock, 123RF, Zazzle and Deposit Photos are supported.
Please note that for Shutterstock, reading the Captcha words is required. However, it has to be done only about once a month - the login session is remembered.
The app provides a configuration screen for setting usernames and passwords, a main windows and a widget - both of them will tell the artist how much money he/she has earned and how much of that amount is currently payable (i.e. passed the payout limit, usually $100 but can differ for some microstock agencies).
The best thing of this application is that those agencies that pays you in € and £, it will get automatically converted to dollars, so you can see exactly how much money you have from your agencies.
Very useful for photographers or illustrators who want to check their sales often. This tiny widget will tell you how much you earned and how much you can immediately withdraw. You may setup only one agency if you wish (e.g. you're exclusive there - this applies primarily for iStock).
There are some issues with some agencies in some devices, that you may not get the balances. It may be a language issue in the few, and we are constantly working on fixing them. They are commonly found in PantherMedia, Graphic Left Lovers and Photokore, and only in a few devices.


PRIVACY: Your usernames and passwords will be used solely for downloading your microstock earnings and will never be stored anywhere except encrypted in your phone. You can delete these data anytime you wish.

* widget crash is fixed.
* Captcha word screen shot more bigger for your comfortable.


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Everyone (age 6 and over)
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Microstock Report
Microstock Report
Microstock Report
Microstock Report


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Android 2.1
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Android 1.6
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Discussions on Microstock Report

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Veer problem

Veer is not working for me.
I have double checked my username and password with no success.

Thank you.

Fotolia works perfectly

Dear customers.

The agency Fotolia works perfectly. There might be problems in some handsets because of the languages. In that matter, the problem is the site of the agency that escape from our hands. It happens in rarely ocassions and in some languages different than english. But most of the handsets works perfectly.

Thanks for choosing us.

David Castillo

Somewhat fixed still not right though

Under the old version I was not able to log into istock. Now with this current update istock does load and works great but now fotolia doesn't load for me when it used to just fine.

The other problem I have is the widget is no longer available for me. I love the widget but I can't find it anywhere in my widget list. Using a galaxy nexus.

tried on my droid X still no fotolia just the same as my galaxy nexus. Widget did work there though so did an uninstall reinstall and a reboot on my galaxy. Widget is back but didnt' fix the fotolia problem.

Deposit photo widget problem fixed

Dear Microstock Report customers.

Just to let you know the agency Deposit Photos works perfectly. The little bug got fixed.

Thanks for choosing us.

David Castillo

Deposit Photos fixed :)

I can confirm that the Deposit Photo problem is fixed :) You can release the version you've sent to me to everyone else :)

Thanks for quick response :)


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Reviews of Microstock Report

Very bad app. Don't bother.

Great app, would highly recommend it!

Great app, would highly recommend it!

Very bad app. Don't bother.

Is a good app. It works right with all my agencies axcept for Fotolia and 123RF.
With fotolia always shows 0.
Any suggestions?

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