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MetalShop Pro 1.0 - Find out how much your scrap metal is worth. Calculate the weights of metal that you want to bring to the scrap yard. System updated with industry current prices.

Also useful for scrap yards.. Workers can track all of their purchases with a hand-held tablet. Pro version updates all transactions to a PC, or server in a central place (such as an office), where invoices can be printed out and customers can be paid for their metal.

New Scrap Metal Resource Directory - Find current prices in your area. Watch videos on scrap metal identification and learn how to reclaim gold from computer parts. Find Buyers and Sellers! List your own resource on the MetalShop Resource Directory!

Now supports Multiple Currency and Metric Weights!
You can now edit the UOM Conversion Table!

Valid UOM (Unit of Measure are)
TON (Short Ton) = 2000 lbs
GT (Grs/Long Ton = 2240 lbs
MT (Metric Ton) = 2204.62 lbs
KG (Kilogram) = 2.20462 lbs
LBS (Pound) = 1 lbs
OZ (Ounce) = 0.0625 lbs
GM (Gram) = 0.0022 lbs
MG (Milligram) = 0.0000022 lbs
CT (Carat) = 0.00044 lbs
ST (Stone) = 14 lbs

Be sure to see the Discussion on Starting MetalShop Pro 1.0 for important startup tips or go to Menu->Help and Resources.

You may contact support anytime at

This free version is tested to work with versions 2.0+ (Level 5, eclair)

Find level 17 build:


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Everyone (age 6 and over)
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Copyright (c) Jeffrey A. Wilke 2012 All rights reserved.

MetalShopPro 1.0
MetalShopPro 1.0
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Android 2.0
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Android 2.0
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240 dpx
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Screen portrait, Touchscreen
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Internet, Read call log, Read contacts, Read external storage, Read phone state, Write external storage

Discussions on MetalShopPro 1.0

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New changes to MetalShop Pro 1.0

I have made the following changes to the application:

New Pricing Model. This is a work in progress.. You can find it in the resource center by pressing Menu->Help and Resource Center, then choose the Scrap Metal Prices button.

Select the Location (state) and metal type. These prices are an average of prices called in from hundreds of scrap yards.

Traditionally scrap yards don't like to just 'give' their price list's up, so this information is generally hard to gather. That's why it is a work in progress..

As information is entered into the system, you will be able to report prices based on daily averages and actually plot really useful information.

Most searches for pricing online give you the London Metal Exchange prices.. the LME prices reflect what the 'Mill' might get for their metal.. Scrap yards must at a minimum get %100 percent markup on their metal, so, the trend filters down, but, the prices at the yard level are definitely variable.

This pricing app is an attempt to give an actual average of scrap metal prices at the 'scrap yard' level.

Also included is advertising. The ads are only seen on menu items and are never in home, or calculator screen.

There is a new Settings option to manually set the screen to Portrait or Landscape.

Please enjoy this FREE app.

Build 10 Release January 10, 2012 12:20am est.

Update includes the new Scrap Metal Resource Directory! This directory contains current scrap metal prices, buyers & sellers, video instructions on metal identification, reclaiming gold and Much More!

Build 8 Released Jan 6, 2012

Some minor display issues fixed on the Edit Settings Screen
Menu->Edit Settings

Also, added Help menu option with Text & Online Video Tutorial.

Editing Customers - Blank Name and Address are Allowed.

You can enter/save customers without any name in the fields. No values are actually required.

You may also enter multiple customers without names.. The items that are created and saved are 'attached' to the customers regardless of what value you put as a name.

I don't recommend doing this, as it gets hard to keep track of what is what.

Starting MetalShop 1.0 For the first time.

If you are reading this, I would personally like to thank you for downloading and trying MetalShop Pro 1.0.

MetalShop is an excellent tool for calculating how much money you will get for a 'batch' of metals, allowing, you to compare rates of different scrap yards, or, mills.

Also, MetalShop can be used in a scrap yard, by a worker to track all of his purchases.


In either case, you must remember, that before you enter any metal 'items', you must enter a customer name or scrap yard name in the customer edit tab, and then save it..

Now you can begin to add metals 'items' to your list..

Press the NEW button to work with a fresh record. A new record gets it's values from the item that is current in the drop-down list.

Use the scroll bar to get a metal type and it's default price and UOM from the database.

You can over-ride the price if needed.

Enter the amount of weighed metal in the 'Quantity' field.

Valid Bought UOM are TON, LBS and EACH. - Most items are weighed in LBS but you may also enter in TON if necessary. A ton in this system is calculated at 2000 lbs.

You can press the USE button at anytime to REFRESH the field values with defaults. NOTE: this does not create a new record.

Pressing the SAVE button calculates the total for this item and adds it to the total for this batch for the current customer.

This is handy, when you have a truck full of metal and you want to see how much you will get for it from 3 or 4 different yards... You can enter each 'yard' as a customer and then enter the items.. Over-ride prices where necessary.

The calculated value is then displayed on the screen and the state is changed to 'Editing'.

Choose the 'Edit Customer' tab at any time to view the current customer and see the batch total.

If you want a hard copy of and customer transactions, press the 'Send to Print' button. This will email a copy of the batch in purchase form to the email specified in Menu -> Edit Settings.

Press the MENU button for advanced options.

Edit Metals - Add, Edit or Delete any of the default metals defined in the system.

Edit Settings - You can add your Name/Company Name, Address & default email settings here.

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