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> Story of Kids maze ABC
I'm a desert fox, Vito who likes adventure!
I take pictures of animals while I'm traveling around the world.
Ant!, Bear! Cat!
You can have fun and learn alphabets while listening to English names of animals with the live voices of native speakers.

> App Info
Kids maze ABC is a learning app by playing a children's favorite block-shaped maze puzzle game.
You can easily get to know English by listening to and seeing the animals you meet while you are traveling

> Features
1. The new concept interesting maze !
You can enjoy the intricate puzzle maze in forests, a farm, and grasslands by drawing a line with your finger. This is a learning app providing fun by making you draw a line directly with your finger, not simply push buttons.

2. The learning effect goes UP due to the live voices of native speakers !
When you meet an animal and take a picture of it, you can hear a native speaker's voice in English! It will provide you a chance to naturally become familiar with English.

3. Play and Brain Development At Once!
Various path finding game in which you can think and solve!
It will help to improve children's concentration and creativity.

> Age
- 5 ~ 7 years old

> Notes related to Download
- Please download the app in a WiFi environment.
- The download is not available in a 3G environment.maze for kids,


Parental rating: 
Everyone (age 6 and over)
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1. The copyrights and other intellectual property rights of Maze Kong Kong ABC are vested in BEATUS.
2. If a user modifies the software, and/or distributes it without permission, the user shall be disadvantaged by legal action.
3. BEATUS is not liable for any contents caused by users in the game.
5. If a user finds system errors or any bugs, the user is obliged to inform BEATUS immediately. If the user distributes this to other users or abuse it, the user shall be disadvantaged without prior warning.
6. The network service can be restricted or stopped due to regular inspection or maintenance, server replacement or failure, etc.
7. BEATUS shall retain all data related to the game and users only have the right to use them.
8. Items are valid only until the end of the game service.

Privacy policy: 

BEATUS shall comply with relevant laws and the BEATUS' Privacy Policy to make efforts to protect members’ personal information, Maze Kong Kong ABC shall be also under relevant laws and BEATUS' Privacy Policy.

1. Personal Information to Be Collected & Collection Methods

BEATUS does NOT collect any personal information of users. In the event that BEATUS inevitably collects personal information of users, it shall collect and use only personal information contained in BEATUS' Privacy Policy, and the information in mobile services shall be collected in the following ways.

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In the event that other additional collection of personal information is required during the service, besides the contents stated above, BEATUS must notify the member of the fact in advance and obtain consent from the member. For example, should new personal information or private location information be collected, while a user is using mobile services such as location-based services, BEATUS must notify the member in advance and shall collect information of the only user who consented to it.

2. Purpose of the Collection and Use of Personal Information

BEATUS shall use all personal information & other information to be collected to provide service. In addition, BEATUS shall use the personal information to answer customer questions about mobile services, deliver notices, provide payment services for mobile service, improve the service quality, and develop new features.

3. Retention and Usage Period of Personal Information

After the purposes of collecting and using information have been fulfilled, we shall without delay destroy the relevant information.

4. Sharing Personal Information with a 3rd Party

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Kids Maze Abc
Kids Maze Abc
Kids Maze Abc
Kids Maze Abc
Kids Maze Abc
Kids Maze Abc
Kids Maze Abc


Requires Google Play and/or account: 
Requires third-party libraries: 
Requires 'rooted' device: 
Target Android version: 
Android 4.4W
Minimum Android version: 
Android 2.3
Requires features: 
Screen landscape, Touchscreen
Requires permissions: 
Internet, Read external storage, Write external storage

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