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At the start if the game, you see the bounded black field with several flower icons moving around. The black area belongs to the flowers; your task is to take this territory away from them. Drag the finger from one edge towards another, separating the piece of the flower land with the yellow line. As soon as you complete, the line turns red. Such hot fence is still can be destroyed by any flower hitting it. After a short cool down time the fence changes color again and becomes permanent. Now most of the flowers bounce from it, and only some still do a limited damage. As soon as you reach the final level for the first time, you get the player id and will offered an opponent. While this competition real, it is not “real time” - you partner may have played your part long time ago. Competing who will reach the final level faster, you will always see in the progress indicator, which of the players is currently ahead. So this is more like runner competition, where you see the other player progress but all can do is just to try harder. Some levels are more difficult than others and require more time to be completed. Before starting the game, you will see the statistics of the competitor, displayed against your statistics. This allows you to estimate roughly that the opponent is like. Apart statistics and randomly issued user ids, no any other information is shared between the players.

Visit the application support website for more details as well as hints how to win.


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Everyone (age 6 and over)
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Your general statistics and play performance over game is considered public and will be shown to the competitor before the game. Also, each player has the numeric user id (not tied to any properties, data or location of your device) that is visible for both you and the competitor. The app does not provide any other kind of communication between the players. They cannot select themselves against which other player to compete.
We do not collect or share anything else about you or your device.

Iron Fence game
Iron Fence game
Iron Fence game
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Android 4.3
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Android 3.0
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Screen portrait, Touchscreen
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