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In this game several pieces are placed on a chessboard. Their positions are marked by blue squares, but you don't know which is which. There are clues laid out in the form of numbers: each number represents the number of pieces attacking that square (i.e. the number of pieces that could move directly to that square).

You have to deduce which piece is which, and drag the pieces to the correct locations. There are always just enough clues to solve the problem, and no more.

An example puzzle is given in the first screenshot. One way to solve it is as follows:

Three pieces attack the square numbered '3', therefore the piece in the top left blue square (a6 in chess notation) must be the Knight. And the piece in the bottom left (b3) must be the Rook, because if it were the Queen it would be attacking the square numbered '0'. The piece on f4 must be either the Queen or the Bishop to attack '3'. But the Queen is needed on g1 to attack the square numbered '1'. So the piece on f4 must be the Bishop. That leaves the King to go in the final blue square.

The solution is shown in the third screenshot.

The second screenshot shows the options you have to create puzzles of varying difficulty. You can choose up to ten pieces. If you like, you can select the exact combination of pieces you want. Puzzles with up to seven pieces will be generated in a second or so - larger puzzles will take a little longer, depending on the speed of your device. Unlimited puzzles can be generated using any piece combination.

If you have a Flash-capable device or PC you can try out the Flash version at Flash version.


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Everyone (age 6 and over)
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Detective Chess
Detective Chess
Detective Chess


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Android 2.1
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Android 1.5
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Screen landscape, Touchscreen
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Access network state, Internet, Read external storage, Write external storage,

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