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If you love to write and happen to froth over Sci-Fi stuff, Creative Kickstart has something for you, guaranteed!

Creative Kickstart is an easy to use app that tackles the age-old problem of writers block. With Creative Kickstart Space, writers have access to over ONE BILLION Sci-Fi themed, thought provoking, idea growing and creatively inspiring prompts at their fingertips.

Creative Kickstart can help improve your creative process, not only by giving you easy access to ‘outside-the-box’ thinking, but by training your mind to grow and develop ideas into your personal masterpieces.

This application is the best available tool for character creation / generation and ideas, writing prompts / starters and ideas, story starters, creative science fiction (sci-fi) ideas, creative writing ideas, overcoming writers block and kickstarting your creative process.


Creative Kickstart was developed with the psychology of creativity in mind and specifically tries to reduce information overload which can often be the cause of writers block. All one billion generated ideas are designed to be sensical, practical and effective, utilising psychological techniques to foster idea developments without stifling it.



HERO - Over 240 million inspiring sci-fi hero character ideas. These prompts include detailed back stories, personality traits and much more, intended to help you brainstorm writing ideas for your main character or ‘Hero’. This category is available FREE!

SCENARIO - Over three million story starting scenarios designed to give you the creative kickstart you need. This category throws you in the middle of a crazy sci-fi adventure and it's your job to finish the story. This category is also available FREE!

PREMIUM VERSION (These categories are only available in the premium version)

CREATURE - Over 700 million unique and inspiring alien creatures at your disposal designed to spark your imagination and creativity. The generated creatures can be used to help you imagine completely new and unique alien races.

VILLAIN - Over 180 million quirky and evil sci-fi prompts to help you breathe life into your creative project’s villain. This category features detailed back stories, personality traits and much more, intended to help you brainstorm writing ideas for your main 'Villain' or oppressor.


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Teen (age 13 and over)
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CK Space - Premium
CK Space - Premium
CK Space - Premium
CK Space - Premium


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Android 4.3
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Android 2.2
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Screen portrait, Touchscreen
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