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In Circle Fever, the objective is to hit as many circles as you can as fast as you can. Having good reaction time is the key to score. The game has two modes with three difficulty levels for each along with an extra "2 players" mode. After each round your score is saved at your device along with a name you specify. The game keeps the five top scores for each different combination of mode and difficulty level.

I really hope that you enjoy my game. If you have any suggestions/questions/problems do not hesitate to message me.


This game uses resources from
Button click by Paulius Jurgelevicius(
Circle click 1 by LFA (
Circle click 2 && new record by Brandon Morris(
Circle click 3 by dklon (
Score counter by NenadSimic (
*The last sound was modified (cut short)* to fit the theme it was used in.

Gameplay background by Sam (
Menu background by Jetrel (


Parental rating: 
Everyone (age 6 and over)
Default language: 
Supported languages: 
Afrikaans, Amharic, Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Czech, Danish, German, Greek, Spanish, Persian, Finnish, French, Hindi, Croatian, Hungarian, Indonesian (legacy in code), Italian, Hebrew (legacy iw locale), Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Latvian, Norwegian Bokmål, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Serbian, Swedish, Swahili, Thai, Tagalog, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Zulu
Trial version: 
"In-App" billing: 
With advertisements: 
Circle Fever
Circle Fever
Circle Fever
Circle Fever
Circle Fever
Circle Fever


Requires Google Play and/or account: 
Requires third-party libraries: 
Requires 'rooted' device: 
Target Android version: 
Android 5.1
Minimum Android version: 
Android 2.3
Requires permissions: 
Access network state, Internet

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