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Bulk SMs is designated to become "killer app" for texters and professional uses.

* Save & reuse sent history
* Send to groups and individuals (very convenient with different choice in contact picker synced with Google contacts/groups, see setting for more info)
* Send SMS from a .CSV or .TXT files and can configure according to your file format, typically compose from MS Excel. Please see a sample file in Help section below.
* Create and manage unlimited templates
* Support pre-defined keyword: $name, $first_name, $now, $next5min, $next15min, $next30min, $next1hour, $next2hour, $tomorrow, $nextweek
* Support user-defined keyword (ex. $prodName, $place)
* Option to delivery report and save sent SMS to Inbox

Note that SMS fee is charged by your telephone operator!


* Template: In the main view, you will see a list of templates.
o Send by template: click in a template.
o Add/delete/edit/edit title: focus on a template then press menu button, or press and hold a template in the list.
o Add macro: During edit template, please menu button to add a pre-defined macro.
* Predefined macros
o $name: Contact's name defined in your address book.
o $first_name: Contact's first name defined in your address book
o $now: time when SMS is sent (ex. 20 Feb 2010), change it format in settings.
o Please email me or comment on this page if you find any useful macro.
* User-defined macro: A macro start with $ sign and end by any of following sign " ?,.;". When you please "send SMS" button, BulkSMS will ask you the value of a user defined macro.
* Send SMS from .CSV file: In the main view, press menu button and select "Send from .CSV file" to send an CSV file. A CSV browse dialog will appear helps you to choose a .csv file. Click on a .csv file to preview SMS list before press "Send SMS" button. Here is a sample file which works with following settings (by press Menu/Settings/CSV Settings/)
o Encoding: depending on your file, default setting is "System Default" (recommended)
o Default Folder: path to your CSV folder, this improve file browsing
o Separator: set to ";" (Semicolon)
o Quote: set to empty ""
o Skip Lines: set to "1" (one)
o Preview your CSV content: check to preview before sending (recommended)
o Sender Position: set to "1" (one)
o Content Position: set to "2" (two)

* Settings
o Delivery Report (checked/unchecked)
o Contact Selector: define how to select a number when a person has multiple numbers
o Save sent SMS to Inbox: If you send a batch of hundreds SMS, this may help you opt-out your SMS after sending!
o Future Time Format: define format for future time keywords. ex in 5 min or 13h5 (i.e. now+5min)

o Default CSV comma sign: CSV comma is included in your CSV file, please open with a text editor to know what is your seperator comma between a phone number and a message
o Default CSV folder: where CSV Send command jumps in.


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Bulk SMS
Bulk SMS


Minimum Android version: 
Android 1.5
Minimum screen width: 
320 dpx
Requires features: 
Telephony, Touchscreen
Requires permissions: 
Get accounts, Internet, Read contacts, Read phone state, Read phone state, Read sms, Receive sms, Send mms, Send sms, Write external storage, Write sms

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