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** v1.5 - Multiplayer! (BETA) + lots more (see our site) **

Battle for Mars is a huge turn based strategy game where you use soldiers, robots, and spaceships to battle alien races. Fight in the mountains, forests and at sea. Includes:

- 17 unit types
- 6 building types
- 3 enemy races
- 13 quick maps
- 12 map campaign


Parental rating: 
Not rated
Default language: 
Battle For Mars
Battle For Mars
Battle For Mars


Target Android version: 
Android 1.6
Minimum Android version: 
Android 1.0
Minimum screen width: 
240 dpx
Requires features: 
Screen landscape, Touchscreen
Requires permissions: 
Get accounts, Internet, Vibrate, Wake lock,,

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Version 1.54 does not work on android 2.2 (froyo)

Version 1.54 does not work on android 2.2 (froyo)

Just a warning before anyone buys this. I think it may be fixed it the official android store, but the developers haven't updated slideme (yet??).

Demo mode

Hi everyone, if you saw demo mode in a previous version of the game please accept our apologies, it was a build error. The latest version posted here is fixed and has two new maps to make up for it!

After some playing the game reverted to Demo mode

Bravo for guys at Larvalabs for their quick response. They claim they have fixed the problem with their latest update. I just downloaded it and it didn't charge me an additional fee. I see all the maps again, and my progress didn't get lost.

After some playing the game reverted to Demo mode

I contacted larvalabs. I hope they send their answer soon. Meanwhile everybody with this problem, please post here.

After finishing several mission, it prompted me to get full ver

I purchased and then downloaded Battle for Mars 1.52 a day ago. After completing several missions in campaign mode, it prompted me to get the full version for more maps...But I have purchased it why it is changed to lite (demo) version?

How to resolve it? Can I re-download it althorugh it has not been in my Storage Locker?

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Reviews of Battle For Mars

I can only review larvalabs and their complete ignorance of feedback or help requests. They have had over two weeks to respond to my help requests after I had purchased this app and it causing a "Force Close" when starting it.

They have updated the official android store but not on SlideME. Through their actions (i.e. non what-so-ever) I can only believe they have no interest in their customers at all. I believe my email to them was polite and after two weeks of patience I draw the line.

In conclusion, I HIGHLY ADVISE AGAINST ANY PURCHASE from larvalabs.

That's really the coolest strategy I've ever played on Android. I've been playing the demo for too long, as I don't have access to the paid market. And now it's on SlideMe! It's really awesome. The demo has only one small map, but it was enough to catch me. And at some point, they released a version with a teaser - a large full-scale conflict, between myself and two computers. I have to say it's not just your next easy-to-beat-once-you-get-the-hand-of-it game. I'm talking about a well balanced, rough challenge where you usually have some handicap at the start of each map.

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