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Balls n' Rocks is different, with many levels to play in a great game world of classic fun!
Balls and Rocks is simple and for all ages; the goal of the game is to stop the falling balls and rocks from touching the bottom of the screen.
Just tap to place a brick below falling balls and two below falling rocks in the allowed marked area to destroy them, bricks are limited so don't run out of them! You can buy bricks in the Shop.
You'll have falling power-ups (marked with the letter P), catch them by placing a brick below and activate them by tapping on them.

The game has a difficulty setting, Easy is the default one, but Medium is the recommended one to experience the game at its fullest; you can change it whenever you want without affecting your progress in the game. The higher the difficulty the more points you get!

This game has only 5 Ads a day!

This game is free, you don’t need money to play it, however, you have a shop to buy some things that can help you clear levels faster; with Bubble coins you can buy what you need, you obtain Bubble Coins by clearing levels (only the first time) and also by watching Ads; because the game values your time it rewards you with 1 coin per Ad clicked on and 2 coins for special Ads that will appear every now and then. The game will offer you the option to earn extra 2coins when you clear a level for the first time.
You can remove Ads if you accumulate enough coins to remove them, you can always watch Ads voluntarily by clicking on the Watch Add button in the Shop, even if they are disabled.

Pop your naughty enemies!, clear levels and earn bubble coins to buy what you need before reaching the maximum challenge!

Enjoy the game, have fun!



DISCLAIMER: Internet access may be required. This application contains optional video advertisements that can be viewed to provide you additional rewards. Additional data charges may apply if roaming or not connected to Wi-fi.


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Everyone (age 6 and over)
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Balls n' Rocks collects no personal information in any form or shape.

Balls n Rocks
Balls n Rocks
Balls n Rocks
Balls n Rocks
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Android 4.0.3
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Access network state, Access wifi state, Change network state, Change wifi state, Internet, Mount unmount filesystems, Read external storage, Write external storage

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