Review Guidelines

Reviews are valuable ways for the user to give feedback to the developer on how they can improve the app. They are also useful to allow other users to determine if they would like to download or purchase the application.

We have some basic guidelines to help you get started.


Try to be courteous and provide helpful suggestions, even if you don't like the application. Reviews of 100-400 words are usually enough for a good review, although you can go longer (or shorter) as you choose.

If there is a problem with a failed download or purchase, it could be a problem with the SlideME Marketplace, so best to contact us or the developer before giving a poor review. We will try to get such issues resolved quickly.

Include in the review

  • Discussion of features and how they worked for you
  • Comparison with other similar applications
  • Reasons why you like or dislike the application

Do not include in the review

  • Bug reporting or feature requests
  • Single word reviews
  • Profanity
  • Advertisements, announcements or spam
  • Direct response about another review

If these guidelines are violated, SlideME reserves the right to remove the review.