Select Calendars

When one opens this app, there is a slit screen, top indicates "select calendars, there are none to select, bottom screen indicates " other calendars", there are none. Is there a down load problem , should they have been downloaded at the same time???

False advertising

I needed a calendar that can add recurring events two days of the week each week.

The description for this app says it has "many options for recurrent events (e.g. to add a recurrent event that takes place every other week on Tuesday and Thursday)". Seemed perfect for my needs, so I bought it.

But when I added an event and looked at the options under recurring events, there is no such option. I paid for this app to get that function, but its not there.

False advertising.

Advertising is all right

Our advertising is of course all right as this option is already included in our app! You just have to select the main repetition rule first (e.g. "Weekly") and then some additional options will show up including the repetition interval, the days of the week and the end date of the repetition!

Google calendar sync

How can I sync with google calendar?
Thanks and bestbregards,
David Racah

Google Calendar Sync

To use Google calendars when working with Business Calendar you have to add the appropriate account in your Android system settings (usually you can add accounts under "Settings->Accounts and sync->Add account") and turn on the "Sync Calendar" option in the details of the added account! You may also want to check the "Auto-sync" option to sync all data automatically. When the first synchronization of your calendars is done, you can select them using our menu item "Calendars". If you want to add new calendars please do this using the Google Calendar website and sync them to your Android device afterwards!