hi this is my first time here, i would just want to ask how to purchase an app here? thanks!


Yeah, I would also like to know that

Erm, great idea, this, but could you perhaps make it any more difficult for people to actually purchase the app they're looking for? Jaysus, Mary & Joseph;-)

Where is the option to buy?!!

How can you buy?

Why the hell would slideme make it so damn hard to figure out how to purchase a game. I have the app and I try to install and buy this game but it refers me to the slide me website and I cant freakin find anything on the slideme website for purchasing. Theres no check out or anything. what the hell



Yeah, what is with the secrecy? The link you posted was not helpful at all. I had to do a Google search to find out where I even enter my credit card info. Now, I've been searching for almost 20 minutes to figure out how to buy this. I've actually been jumping through hoops trying to purchase this damn $2.20 application for almost 2 weeks now. This is ridiculous.

theres nothing there about

theres nothing there about purchasing. this is stupid


If you are seeking help, you can click on the obvious 'Help' link above and follow the FAQ questions. As a User there is a section "How do I purchase from SlideME?"