I purchased this Act-1-Video player app through slide me, and now when I try to use it, I get a message stating that the app is expired and needs to be upgraded. All I get is a upgrade button with a dead link, what gives?

Slow down video playback

Is it possible to slow down the video playback with this player?
Please let me know when this feature is implemented and I'll buy it immediately.

Thank you!

Latest version

Would be nice if it was the latest version you had available here at SlideMe :-(

Can Act 1 video player plays clips in fast forward mode?

I am thinking about getting a Android phone to playback video, but can anyone kindly tell me can ACT 1 video player or Android Tapp playbcak clips in fast forward mode (1.5x or 2.0x playback speed)while the sound can still be heard? I need the the phone come with function to view videos in fast forward mode so I can save half of the time…….(quality is not important)

Nexus on can use act 1 full 2.5 ?

My cell phone is Nexus One.I wnat to buy Act 1 video player full.Cause our mpeg can't be played.I want to ask the player 2.5 can be use in android 2.0? Thanks!


i would like to ask if this app can be updated again to support android 1.5? thanks