Five Card Pro review by StoeMoe

Even though you play against cartoon characters, the gameplay is realistic. The storyline/RPG element adds immensely to the enjoyment of the game. This game alternately has me laughing at the storyline, cheering at my big wins, and screaming helpless curses at the cartoon opponents when they smirk after taking my money. I played the free version for quite some time before paying for the pro version. I didn't see the point, with the free version being pretty much complete. So there are a couple venues I can't play. No big deal. WRONG!! There are so many added features in the pro version and enhancements to features already in the free version, that a whole new level of strategy is added to the game. This is not only the best poker game I've played on Android; it is my favorite game of any kind. I never get tired of playing, although I play so long at times that I get too tired to play. I give the free version five stars. The pro version deserves ten stars. I like like everything about this game.

Pros: Everything!

Cons: Not enough hours in the day to play as much as I want to!