Just bought a Craig 7" Tablet CMP 741d, I am looking for any feedback as to how this App. works on my new tablet??? It has 4.0


Can officesuite make notes on a pdf file for when I download pdf noted and want to make extra notes on the pdf?

Pls help.

ver. 730 - bug - fading mid-right text edge

re ver. 730 Viewer pro (not Editor pro)

Bug instance: on very-large-zoom pdf mid-right text edge by far-right quadrille is graded rather than sharp: Revisit page portion rerenders no improvement, But downsize fixes to sharp and then reenlarge fixes.


compatibility question

Can this be used on Sylvania tablet 2.2 android?

Sylvania Tablet Compatability

Is this product compatible with Sylvania's 7" 2.2 Android tablet?