Hey, Why is there only 5.2.3


Why is there only 5.2.3 available on slideme?
The market shows that 5.2.5 is already out there =(


whenever i try to update extended controls, all my previous settings and widget flew away and i got to create all my previous widgets again. this is the 4th time i encountered this and will not gonna update it again...

could not buy the app!


I have a Samsung Galaxy 5 (i5500) with Android 2.1 on it, and I didn't find the app on the Market, and when I tried to buy it here, on slideme, the purchase didn't work out.
I want to know if my phone is compatible with the app and if the failure in the purchase process is due to some kind of incompatibility.

thank you


Purchase attempt

Hi Rui,

We do not see a transaction created. Can you advise what error message you noticed with SAM? Are you using latest SAM 4.0? Suggest you send a request via http://slideme.org/contact so support can share transaction details with you.

Keep version names short

Suggest to keep your version much shorter, so they can display and render properly on SlideME SAM.

How long until update?

How long will it take for the update to be aviable through SlideME?
Version 4 was released on the 2nd of September.

Version for Android 1.5, galaxy spica?


I've been looking exactly for an app/widget like this, but when trying to purchase it, I had no luck as far as requirements are concerned. I'm running Android 1.5 on Samsung Galaxy Spica (i5700). Is there a way to make this app run on the above mentioned hw/sw?

Hi, no i'm so sorry


no i'm so sorry