total sms control spy

In the samsung galaxy a3 android 5.0.2 when dialing 54321 application opens but closes in 5 seconds

Free or Paid Version

Is this happening on the free or paid version?


total sms control spy

no paid version

In the samsung galaxy a3 android 5.0.2 when dialing 54321 application opens but closes in 5 seconds

We will investigate the

We will investigate the issue.
Thank you.

Forwarded SMS truncated...

i have noticed that loger SMS are truncated.

I am using e-mail forwarding.

Also there is some calls that are not forwarded.

I have the latest version.

Also, on S6 sms commands are shown in inbox

i have Lg-d213 app not start with 54321 even with sms 54321

follow the instructions... maybe you need to update the app?
android version is 4.4.2

Recordings not saved in the phone

Hi Admin

I was using the app perfectly.
but suddenly I had to format the phone & re-install the software.

then I again installed Total SMS Control correctly & configured.

but now only sms & call notifications are forwarding.
background sound sms command also working but when I check the phone folder SCbackup, no recordings have been saved.

Please advice to rectify the issue.


Application stopped forwarding emails to gmail on two devices

Application stopped working after a few days. This is occurring on two monitored devices. When I check the settings for the e-mail settings, I am receiving the following:

Unable to send test email to **** Check your internet connection or the Gmail password/username specified.

Please see attached screenshot:

Please advise.

Voice recording file location


I have set the remote voice recording via sms command.
But I am unable to find the location where the recorded file has been saved.. I checked everywhere in the phone gallery , file explore etc..

Anyone knows?


Outgoing sms down

hello... is there anybody who use this app... that have a same problem with me... I dont get the outgoing sms... and how to fix it... i restart it... and it still dont work... thanks

outgoing text

The outgoing text works sometimes but about 60 percent of the time it doesn't. But overall everything else workds perfectly calls, mms, incoming etc etc. How can I get the outgoing text fixed? Thanks alot :)

outgoing sms

Yeah I have the same issue of not receiving outgoing activity with this app. Among others such as target device develops many glitches. Black screens, freezes, oh and the newest one, and my personal favorite randomly sends text messages after rebooting device its always at odd times of the morning 2 or 3am. All and all this app is ok. It could be so much better though.

I just bought the app but I

I just bought the app but I don't kno how to download it plaza help

How do I set itup

How do I set itup

Hi Joseph

The instructions are in the licensing app you just downloaded from SlideME.

Let me know if you need further assistance.

information if possible

Hi I have bought the sms storage app I think that's its name @ $4.99 which is a fantastic app by the way thanks for making it. But I am wondering what the difference is with the total sms control spy app @ $29.99 am I right in thinking that this app can be deployed or remotely installed I would like to buy it if this is the case but I don't wanna spend nearly 30 bucks to find out that this isn't the case any help would be much appreciated thanks very much.

Total SMS Control-SPY

Dear user,
Thank you using Total SMS Control.

The 29.99 USD version cannot be installed remotely. You will need about 5 mins access to the target device you which to monitor in other to install the main app which will be gotten from the License manager app called Total SMS Control -SPY.

The 29.99 USD is completely hidden on the device and does not require SlideME market to be installed on the target device.