Trying Launch Screen Organizer Trial on Samsung Galaxy S

I just tried your Trying Launch Screen Organizer Trial on Samsung Galaxy S. I had to use the manual connection as it didn't see the name of my device - that was easy enough (but maybe you do want to know).
The more important point is: I copied the IP address and port from the phone app onto the Java PC app and tried to connect. The PC side immediately showed a small error message window but nothing on it other than X on a red button (and OK at the bottom of the window). The phone app started saying it was preparing information and then it died with the following message:
The application Launch Screen Organizer (Trial) (process com.px3j.Isotrial) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.. dumpstate_app_201011131758_com_px3j_Isotrial.log has been saved. Use *#9900# to copy out log
and a Force close button under that.
Unfortunately, I went around hunting for that log file but I couldn't find it and even if I did, I am not sure what it means to "use *#9900# to ...". Is this a phone number I am supposed to send it to? If yes, is this a big log file which will cost me $$$ to send back to you? Couldn't I send it via email??

I love the idea of your app and I love to help if I can but right now, I just don't know what to do.
Nagib ( please reply to: