RE: improvement


I'm aware of the problem, but I haven't found a solution yet.
Utopolis Cinema also suffers from the same problem.
I understand this is especially annoying for French users, so I will look into that again ASAP if I got some time.

As for the addition of imdb ratings, I think that's a pretty good idea!
I'll see what I can do.

Thanks for your constructive feedback, it is highly appreciated.



It would be nice to have support of all characters (accents, ...)

I was looking for that kind of application but one thing is missing for me : mashing up those information with the ratings from imdb for instance.

After looking into getting

After looking into getting the IMDB rating, I discovered IMDB doesn't supply an API and it doesn't allow scraping the website (the technique I usually use).
This means users will have to wait until IMDB releases an API.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience, the best I can do is make it easier to search IMDB for the movie so you can check the rating/info yourself.

You can expect this in the next version.