J'ai commande wifi file explorer pro sur ce site,paye par carte bleue,mais le téléchargement ne s'effectue pas, pourquoi?comment récupérer cette commande?

can not get license

Reset my tablet to defaults, installed sam 4.3 and wifi file explorer again. Still can not get license. It is a eBay google m1006 superpad disco10 android 2.2. How can I get the license installed?

DeviceID issue possibly

Could be a know issue with your specific device not exposing deviceID. Contact Support so we can share a test app with you to detect if your device exposes deviceID properly.

can not use wifi file exploror pro

What password i have to key in at the setting
after they said no licence
remark: I can use Free version but the updated version are not !!!

pro version not working completely?

I upgraded but still can not delete folders, it says I need to upgrade??