Do you support A2DP ? (Bluetooth media control)

I cant really tell as I dont

I cant really tell as I dont dont have one to experiment with. You can always try it for free from http://abrantix.org/rockon.php

A2DP... almost

It almost works... if you press several times on frw/rev button it skips songs, but not if you only press once. play/pause does not work.

Beside that, this is a really cool player, keep up the good work!

Free Version

Hi, the first version of the RockOn music player has finally been released! It was developed in order to be as good and useful as it could be, but still several aspect can (and will) be improved in the future.

I'm currently charging 2$ for the app, but if you think it is not worth it, or you simply are too cheap to pay for software... you can still get it for free @ http://abrantix.org/rockon.php (the page is ad-supported).

Hope you enjoy RockOn! I certainly enjoyed developing it!

Filipe Abrantes