2010.10.15. update: v0.8.2

New features:
- more sophisticated graphs
- import GPX files
- minor improvements
- bugfixes

2010.08.13. update: v0.8.0

I added some main feature since last major update:
- Tagging: you can categorize your recorded routes with one or more custom tags
- OpenStreetMap sharing
- You can select the part (between two checkpoints) of the route to observ: graphs, statistics
- Alerts & Auto checkpoints
- Configurable state screen: bigger fonts and selectable data
- displaying vertical speed: graph, state, statistics
- dark green background
- some performance improvement

2010.06.08. update: v0.6.2

This version comes with Google Spreadsheets support. You can upload the statistics of the route just like previously to the Google Maps.

The map exported to Google Maps contains statistics of the route or the parts, when you click on the line.

Also contains many bugfixes and minor updates.

2010.04.18. update: v0.5

This version comes with a new function: sharing via Facebook. You can send (automatic or on-demand) the title and the description of the recorded route to Facebook. You can include the link to the map on Google MyMaps too.

It also contains some minor bugfixes and improvements (e.g., bit faster map).

2010.03.20. update

I uploaded a new version, it contains only minor
+ GPS enabler button on the main screen
+ on the speed and altitude screen the maximum is marked
- doesn't crash when start a new recording and rotate the phone
- doesn't crash map and stat screen when there isn't any data yet.