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BrickGame Matrix BrickGame Matrix v1.0

Brick Game Matrix live wallpaper


Cutie Monkey Cutie Monkey v1.7

Cutie Monkey - is a fascinating game where the main character is a monkey-boy, which you drive it with your touch screen. Main goal of the game is to collect and bring to monkey-girl fruits that she wants, and get hearts for that.


Deadly Fighter Deadly Fighter v1.0

New 2D shooter with a interesting and simple gameplay


Jumping Frog Jumping Frog v1.3

Exciting arcade game about a frog for the whole family and for all ages.


Minesweeper Minesweeper v2.0

An old game with a familiar look!


Tanks Attack Tanks Attack v1.9

Game of the 2D Shooter genre with elements of Tower Defense, immerses you in an atmosphere of unrelenting battle with realistic sounds.
You are the first line of defense in a tank attack. Your mission - do not miss a single tank in the line of defenseю

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