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Ashby Navis & Tennyson Media Publisher LLC

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CruZader VR CruZader VR v4.2

Use with most universal VIRTUAL REALITY glasses attached to your Android Phone. A reluctant priest is re-trained as a holy warrior for the Pope; he must embrace his destiny in order to defend the Vatican from an invading army of radical terrorists … who are much more than what they appear.


Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde v2

AudioBook - The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde


Mary Shelleys Frankenstein Mary Shelleys Frankenstein v1.0

Frankenstein - AudioBook by Mary Shelley


Oceanic Prog Side A Oceanic Prog Side A v1.0

Oceanic Prog (Full Progressive Rock Music Album)


Vampire Music Vampire Music vVersion 2

Vampire Music (the book with a soundtrack that plays as you read) for Android

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