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C#, Flash AS2 and AS3, HTML, Artist and Concept Designer.
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100 Plus Kids Phonics Words 100 Plus Kids Phonics Words v2.0.6

100 Plus Phonics Words is an existing and fun educational tool to help your child learn the basics of reading using. Using synthetic phonics training your child will learn over 100 commonly used words by kindergarten (infant school) children.


Crisis Shoot Out Crisis Shoot Out v1.0.6

Avoid being captured and take as many as you can with you...


Learning Kids ABC Phonics Lite Learning Kids ABC Phonics Lite v0

Learning Kids ABC Phonics is an all in one learning experiences for young children that teaches Reading, Writing and Spelling. Using the method of Synthetic Phonics (blended phonics or inductive phonics) of teaching reading by blending the sounds of letters


MyChildsMathsReception MyChildsMathsReception v1.0.2

Increase your child’s learning activity with over 160 questions and answers to practice on.


Nano Fighting Nano Fighting v1.0.12

Take part in this new and exciting fighting game now!
All new and unique fighting battle system based on the most popular fighting techniques Kung Fu, Maui Thai and Street fighting.


NanoFightingSuitsEX NanoFightingSuitsEX v1.0.1

Nano Fighting Suits Ex is a return to the unique fighting battle system.


Phonics Bite Phonics Bite v5.0.7

Give your children a head start on literacy with this existing and nourishing learning application. Optimized for both phones and tablets English Phonics Bite is an educational and entertaining app for children aged 3+


Phonics Bite ABC 123 Phonics Bite ABC 123 v1.0.4

This very simple and easy English Phonics Bite ABC 123 app will help your child practice or learn to write the alphabet from A to Z and numbers from 0 to 9.


Sheeps Way Home Sheeps Way Home v1.0.6

Classic Arcade! Get your sheep across the road.


SuperStarJump SuperStarJump v0

Jump and soar through space with a happy young and adventurous Star!

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