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CalcMaster CalcMaster v1.0

Logical game for two people.

Adjust your strategy to the game options and sizes of the board.
Anticipate enemy movements.
Get more points.
Do not lock up.


CrossSlide CrossSlide v1.0

train your brain

Very difficult logical game for two people.
Very high interaction between players.

Six variants of the game plus a random hand.


MathGraph MathGraph v1.0

The program drawing graphs of functions.
32 defined functions and constants.
Easy editing of complex expressions.
The ability to save 25 custom functions.
The ability to compare up to 10 functions.
Dynamic range selection chart.
The ability to save plotted functions to an image file.
Lots of options to configure the program.


RingsPuzzle RingsPuzzle v1.0

Rings Puzzle.

Hundreds of variants of the game.
From an trivially easy to almost impossible.


The Great Wall of China The Great Wall of China v1.0

Great Wall of China.

Logical game for two people.

You are the ruler of the kingdom.
Your task is to build the Great Wall connecting the boundaries of his kingdom.
Compete with the enemy is a master who first completes the construction of the wall.

Test yourself as the lord of a small kingdom or a great empire.

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