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DevBox DevBox v1.0.0

App for Android Developers. Simple tool to aid development.
If you're not one, the app is still useful for monitoring what your installed apps is doing with your phone.

1. Calculate dimension for different density drawables.
2. Save those drawable dimension values for reference.
3. Monitor system debug / log output. Alternative for logcat on actual device.
4. Filter log buffer, level(priority) or/and tag.
5. Save log to a .txt file.
6. Check system information.


Time Capsule Odysseia Time Capsule Odysseia v1.0.2

What if… you can send messages to your future self?

Now you can send SMS messages to your future self. Using a patent pending technology of Complex Spacetime Quantum Algorithm, the app generates a very safe microscopic worm hole in your very own phone to project your messages into the future. Observing no spacetime violation occurs (short for, if you still have the same phone on date of the message to arrive), you can expect to receive the SMS message for free.


Tip Calculator Tip Calculator v1.0.1

The first and only widget in the market to calculate gratuity. The Tip Calculator widget sits directly on your home screen for fast and easy access when you need it the most. Enter the bill amount, the tip size and the number of people you want to split the bill with. Then press the Calculate button to display the total amount you need to pay and the money split between you and your friends, if applicable. It comes with two style - Dark and Pink.

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