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Matching pairs Matching pairs v1.0

In this game you have to match pairs, In usual matching games the player is shown both the boxes he/she tries to match, but in order to make the game a little difficult, if you select to non-similar pair you will not be shown the second one. You can put flags of different colors, to help you remember your guess about the box. Have fun !


Moving boxes puzzle Moving boxes puzzle v2.0

A puzzle game, in which you will have to arrange the boxes in numerical order. You can challenge your friends to find out who is smarter enough to complete it in less clicks. You can choose from six different themes for the boxes.
Have Fun !


Virtual Mark Virtual Mark v1.0

Why to use this app?
Some times we put our things at a place and when we need them after some days, than we have forgot where we have putted them. Than we have to waste our valuable time to find that thing. The main aim of this app is to remember your things and the place where you putted them.\n

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