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Hard Game HD Hard Game HD v1.3

There are easy games and hard games - Hard Game HD is one of the hardest games. In Hard Game HD you have to use your perceptivity and brain. Sometimes you have to touch fast, sometimes you have to solve logic puzzle. Check your reactions speed and test your mind.


Hidden Objects HD: Cats & Dogs in Asia Hidden Objects HD: Cats & Dogs in Asia v1.3

Hidden Objects HD: Cats & Dogs in Asia is free game with beautiful photos from Thailand, Cambodia, Hong Kong and Philippines. It contains dogs sounds and cat sounds too. It is simple and easy Hidden Objects game for kids and children.


Pixel Bubble Dots Pixel Bubble Dots v1.1

Pixel Bubble Dots is a simple game about touching colored bubbles at the right time. Every few seconds new bubbles are generated and you have to touch / tap right ones.


Toddler: Animals & Food Toddler: Animals & Food v1

Toddler: Animals & Food is funny and simple application for your toddler or child. There are animals and there are different kinds of food. So your child have to "feed" animal with right food.

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